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TAI CHI CHUAN means "supreme ultimate fist". It is a Chinese martial art, a system of self-defense, a type of kung fu. The way of practice is different from other martial arts; tai chi is done very slowly using the mind to connect the breath with the movements. This offers health benefits not present in other types of exercise! Tai chi is widely cited for improving balance, lowering high blood pressure, boosting the immune systems and increasing circulation. Tai chi is a huge subject with many facets. Beginners mostly focus on 2 aspects: form & breathing (chi kung). More advanced study includes push-hands (a two person power sensitivity exercise), self defense applications, and weaponry. There are several styles of tai chi; I teach Wu style and Simplified Yang.
Tai Chi
Chi Kung
CHI KUNG is an ancient Chinese system of self healing based on the Taoist principle of yin and yang - balance. Literally translated, "chi" means air or breath, and "kung" means acheivement or result. Chi kung is used by different people for different purposes. In traditional Chinese medicine it is used as both prevention and cure. Taoists and Buddhists use chi kung in their meditative practices. Chi kung is also an important component in enhancing abilities in martial arts. There are many kinds of chi kung that all look very different from each other, but they are all alike in one way - they all use breathing and concentration to move energy through the body. Controlling breathing and coordinating it with body movements increases the oxygen in the blood and improves circulation. This cleanses and strengthens all the internal systems and promotes healing in every part of the body.
EAGLE CLAW KUNG FU  is a Chinese martial art known for powerful gripping techniques used for joint locks, takedowns and pressure point strikes. Said to date back to 1130 A.D., Eagle Claw is one of the oldest, most complete, complex and devastating of the surviving Northern Shaolin styles. Originally designed for combat soldiers, it was at first primarily a series of hand techniques and fixed stances. Later Eagle Claw was combined with Faan Tzi Pai, a kung fu system that employed intricate footwork, high kicks and acrobatics, to become Faan Tzi Ying Jow Pai, known today as Ying Jow Pai.
Kung Fu